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4000 Aurora Avenue North
Seattle, WA, 98103
United States


We provide premier sugaring services at fair prices open to everyone!

Visit us for all your hair removal needs, from your eyebrows to the tips of your toes and everything in between. If you haven't heard of sugaring before, we would be happy to introduce you!

Service Commitment

Your positive experience is our #1 priority.

Sugaring Technicians 

  • Are all licensed. 

  • Passionate about serving people and love sugaring. 

  • Received 100 hours of training in our specific Sugaring Techniques. 

  • Have continuing education with our Director of Education.

Service Touch Up & Fresh Follow Up

  • If some hair was missed after your appointment we guarantee a Customer Touch Up Service. 

    • We request that you contact us at 206.512.3033 within five days of your service.

    • All touch up services need to be completed within 14 days of initial service. 

  • We offer Fresh Follow Up Service to first time clients. This is a complimentary appointment that is scheduled within 7-10 days of your first service. Click here for further details.

Service Disclaimer

  • Sugar Plum, its management and staff shall not be responsible for physical or medical conditions that occur should the guest neglect to inform us of any stated or unstated medications, conditions or contraindications, or in the event the guest fails to follow pre and post care instructions. Additionally, the guest agrees to hold Sugar Plum and its staff harmless of any damages that might occur from receiving services.

  • Any indication of improper behavior or sexual suggestion will result in immediate termination of current and future services with any Sugar Plum staff, events, or facilities, and possibly result in legal action or prosecution.

If you have questions or concerns about your appointment, the service you received, the technician, or studio policy, please contact us directly by phone 206-512-3033 or by email