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We provide premier sugaring services at fair prices open to everyone!

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People Keep and Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum Life Blog

People Keep and Sugar Plum

Rachel Tassew

Day by day, the #sugarplumlife movement continues to grow! As of late, Sugar Plum has experienced so many exciting new changes and developments for the better. From our updated service menu to the introduction of the new VIP tier structure; we’ve been able to present superior and more flexible options to our clientele. And on the employer standpoint, we’re happy to say we’ve upped the ante as well! Part of Sugar Plum’s ideology is providing staff members opportunities that are beneficial, empowering and strengthening. As the continued efforts of being both a phenomenal sugaring provider and a business that actively promotes the empowerment of staff, seeking additional benefits for all those who make up this company has been one of the most important goals. One of the most valuable benefits that can bring that empowerment and strength to full force in the workplace, is health insurance.

It’s quite rare for employee benefits to be available to those working in the skin care and beauty industry. As Sugar Plum is a company that has always gone above and beyond in its enthusiasm for being a care-giver figure, we stand out from our competitors by making sure important benefits are available to our employees. Liveable wages, paid time off, vacation/sick time, ORCA cards, and even more are provided to all on the team. While Sugar Plum has already built a glowingly positive reputation and draws so much support and intrigue because of the benefits we’ve made available, as a growth-oriented business the burning question of “What else can we do to empower our staff?” is inextinguishable. Naturally, an employee health insurance plan was the next feat to tackle head on!

Upon discovering QSEHRA with People Keep, we knew instantly it would work fantastically for our team. If you don’t know what the QSEHRA is, we’re more than happy to inform you! As quoted on People Keep’s website, it’s defined as “The qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement (QSEHRA), also known as a small business HRA, is a company-funded, tax-free health benefit used to reimburse employees for personal health care expenses”.  QSEHRA is for small businesses like us here at Sugar Plum because of the flexibility of how the credit can be used, and ease of management. When previously perusing mainstream group health plans, we were finding that each one seemed to not fit right for our specific needs. Those needs being a plan that everyBODY could utilize. With QSEHRA, customizable budgets are able to be created. It’s a breeze to manage on the administrative side. And all employees will be able to use their credit towards health care, regardless of their personal situation. It fits in the vein of Sugar Plum’s principle of being a part of a force that is inclusive to all.

With the addition of QSEHRA with People Keep on the expanding list of benefits for Sugar Plum’s employees, we’re proud to be further promoting our mission statement of providing brighter jobs for our future employees, presenting better options for our current employees, and standing out as a leader and example in the industry. We are beyond thrilled to be able to continue this amazing growth, as well as further supporting and enriching the lives of our staff with the benefits we offer.