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Waxing vs Sugaring: A Tale of Two Similar, Yet Incredibly Different Hair Removal Methods

Sugar Plum Life Blog

Waxing vs Sugaring: A Tale of Two Similar, Yet Incredibly Different Hair Removal Methods

Rachel Tassew

In the massive encyclopedia of hair removal options; sugaring and waxing may seem like very related methods! While they are similar in some ways, there are some drastic and important differences to be aware of. Sugar Plum is here to bring those differences to your attention!

Sugaring and waxing are a type of hair removal called epilation. Epilation is the act of removing hair by forcibly taking it out of the skin by the root. It’s often preferred over other types of hair removal methods, such as shaving and depilatories (hair removal cream) due to how long the hair-free results last. With the latter two options, you are merely removing everything that is above skin level. The root of the hair underneath skin level is intact, so it continues growing from that cut off point. It’s akin to mowing a lawn, you may have trimmed it down pretty short, but the grass grows back quickly since the roots are still in the earth.

In the case of epilation, because you are removing the hair by its root, it takes longer for hair to grow back because the body slowly regenerates the hair follicle over a matter of weeks. However, while waxing is a form of epilation, it is the more damaging and painful method.

Waxing, whether it be strip or hard wax, has many associated risks. Due to the high heat needed in order to melt wax, it leads to a high chance of experiencing burns. Wax also has a tendency to stick to literally everything; hair, skin, clothes, you name it! The only thing able to remove wax is oil, and a lot of vigorous rubbing. And because of how strongly it adheres to skin, the risk of lifted skin is a looming threat. Lifted skin is when live skin cells (the epidermis) is removed. And that, is an incredibly painful experience. Waxing also leads to higher chances of breakage, irritation, and ingrown hairs. It is also high waste producing, from the one time use cloth/paper strips, to the wax itself being non biodegradable. Also, waxes are generally  composed of a grab bag of random chemicals, such as Triethanolamine, Lanolin, & Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate. The full ingredient list of what goes into these waxes are generally very long. And, if you go to your local waxers webpage it’s likely they are not going to post the entire list for what their products contain.

Sugar paste on the other hand is only heated to body temperature, so there are no risks of burns! During the process of sugaring hair removal, the paste will only attach to your hair follicles while removing them. As for your skin, the sugar only adheres to any dead skin flakes present, lightly picking them up. You essentially get a two in one: exfoliation and hair removal!

And at Sugar Plum, we always make it clear what we are using in our products.  Our sugar paste, the 1st USDA grade sugar paste to hit the scene, is composed of the most gentle natural ingredients: sugar, water and citric acid. All of which are organic and fair trade. It’s also manufactured by a local candy maker. You can actually eat our sugar paste. It’s available to use as a sweetener for tea at all our studios! Can any other wax salon do that for you?