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4000 Aurora Avenue North
Seattle, WA, 98103
United States


We provide premier sugaring services at fair prices open to everyone!

Visit us for all your hair removal needs, from your eyebrows to the tips of your toes and everything in between. If you haven't heard of sugaring before, we would be happy to introduce you!

Sugar Plum Life Blog

Sugar Plum Newskin Serum

Justin Fogle

Sugar Plum has several products that we have available in our studios to insure that your skin stays as healthy as possible in between services and tends to extend the service results.

We have Sugar Plum NewSkin Serum, a moisturizer, Skin Remedy Calming Spray, a calming spray, Sugar Smooth Scrub, a charcoal infused sugar scrub, and our Agave Fiber Body Mitt, a wonderful washcloth like mitt that’s mildew resistant.

Sugar Plum strives to be as close to 100% organic as possible. Camilla is always on the lookout for an organic ingredient replacement! The first 6 ingredients in most products are usually the big hitters.  Our serum’s first 6 active ingredients are Aloe, Calendula, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Lavender and Bilberry Fruit Extract.

Our Sugar Technicians usually suggest the serum for clients for a multitude of reasons. It’s light enough for pre teen skin as a moisturizer, it’s great for men’s skin after shaving, we suggest it to clients for area that are having just a little bit of ingrown hair challenges.

  • Aloe has been used on the skin for hundreds of years to soothe and hydrate.

  • Calendula’s orange blossoms have been used as an antiseptic, as an astringent and to soothe skin.  

  • Coconut Oil and Glycerin are our emollients.  

  • Lavender soothes the skin and helps with inflammation.

  • Number six on our ingredient list is Bilberry Fruit Extract is loaded with vitamins B,C and pro vitamin A! It’s great for capillary strength.

Sometimes after our clients have been coming to us for a while, the hair starts to grow in around two weeks after their last service and is  weak and needs help pushing through the skin. The final three ingredients in our Newskin Serum are exfoliants. Glycolic Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)  derived from sugar, Malic Acid, an AHA derived from Apples, and Tartaric Acid, an AHA derived from Grapes.  AHA exfoliants assist in the turn over of new skin cells.

Putting just enough of these exfoliants to “kiss” off the dead skin and keep those follicles open.  This helps prevent those weaken hairs to glide out without a fight extending the service result and often makes your next sugaring sessions a breeze.

(We encourage any small local, organic business connections you may know of that might complement our efforts. Reply to email……)

I can’t wait to see what we come up with next!