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4000 Aurora Avenue North
Seattle, WA, 98103
United States


We provide premier sugaring services at fair prices open to everyone!

Visit us for all your hair removal needs, from your eyebrows to the tips of your toes and everything in between. If you haven't heard of sugaring before, we would be happy to introduce you!

After Service Care


Lotions: That's right. No lotions, no oils, no soothing serums. 

Potions: This includes the Sugar Plum Serum. Wait at least 24 hours before application of our serum or anything similar like chemical exfoliants or any skincare treatments you may use. For best results, keep 48 hours between your sugaring appointment and spray tanning. Attempting a spray tan within the 48 hour window can result in orange dots in the deep newly hair free pores.

Repetitive Motions: Wait 24 hours after sugaring before friction and sweat causing activities like exercise. We know your exercise routine is important and as a skincare professional in your life, we recommend you exercise before your sugaring service and then shower before coming in. Then schedule your next friction-filled activity for 24 hours later.

Let your skin relax after your service.
The purpose of sugaring is to give you smooth skin that's free of hair and soft to the touch. With our motto in mind, you can give your skin a chance to recover from the hair removal process, so you feel comfy everywhere.

Consider making it a spa day. Give yourself the next 24 hours off of your typical work out routine. Wear a baggy, breathable outfit, or spend some time relaxing at home au naturel. Maybe treat yourself to a hair appointment as well. Or make your toes look fancy with a professional or at home pedicure. This could also be a great time to get crafty!

For the busy professional, we recommend you wear loose fitting clothing and follow these simple guidelines below.

Keep your skin clean, cool, friction-free, product-free, bacterial and irritation-free for at least 24 hours after your service. If you must exercise within the first 24 hours, take a cool shower to close your pores beforehand. When you bathe, keep the water at cooler temperatures and run it cold at the end. If you experience inflammation, apply cold. 

For more information: See our Contraindications page, call our Receptionist at 206.512.3033, or email us at

Sugar Plum Serum

For extra exfoliation after your service, pick up one of our serums!

Directions for Use:

  • Use 24 hours after Sugaring.

  • Apply directly to clean, dry skin.

  • For deeper exfoliation, use manual exfoliation in the shower, then apply the serum after drying off.

  • Bonus: It is also great as an aftershave!


Whether by excess sweat or friction, red bumps may appear on the skin after hairs are removed. 

Try an Oatmeal Paste. You can make this at home by combining oatmeal with warm water and applying it to the irritated area like a mask. It can be helpful to put the oatmeal in a blender or use a mortar and pestle to make it finer. Once the oatmeal paste is applied to the skin, let it cool and dry, then gently rinse off and pat dry.

I got red bumps after I left my service, what do I do?





Try a Baking Soda Paste, mixing baking soda and warm water. Apply to the irritated area, let cool and dry, then rinse off and pat dry.

I have white bumps on my skin after my service, what now?


See our blog article about skin reactions: