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4000 Aurora Avenue North
Seattle, WA, 98103
United States


We provide premier sugaring services at fair prices open to everyone!

Visit us for all your hair removal needs, from your eyebrows to the tips of your toes and everything in between. If you haven't heard of sugaring before, we would be happy to introduce you!


LGBT+ Services

All Bodies, Genders, and Sexualities are welcome!

If it's your first time with Sugar Plum, please read over our First Time Guests page.

We take pride in our work and want to provide you with our best quality hair removal service. Timing and pricing for appointments is based on hair type and ease of removal. If extra time is required to complete your service than was scheduled, your sugaring technician may request that you come back in to fit in the time required for the difficulty of hair removal. 

For First Time Guests, it can be helpful to schedule a little extra time onto your service. This allows you and your sugaring technician more than enough time to get to know one another and complete a thorough hair removal service. Once you have met with a sugaring technician, we will be able to determine a more definitive appointment time that is optimal for your hair growth. Longer service times and any individually distinct services can currently be scheduled through our Call Center or with your sugaring technician. Booking longer Brazilians will soon be available online! Our goal is for you to book based on what service length your individual hair type requires for your best service.

We also offer a Complimentary Consultation, a free thirty minute service if you'd like to talk with a sugaring technician before you schedule your hair removal service.

If you have questions or concerns about scheduling, please contact our Call Center at (206) 512-3033 or, so we can provide the best hair removal service for you!